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Lebron James Skills Academy Videotaped by R & B Communications for Nike
The best high school basketball athletes from around the world came to Akron, Ohio recently as
they attended the Lebron James Skills Academy. The event was sponsored by Nike. R & B
Communications was asked to videotape three days of activities that included lots of coaching,
drills and scrimmage games. College coaches from all over the United States were there to check
out these amazing high school athletes. The video clips will be shown on Nike's basketball website.
Holmes County Amish Community Featured on Weather Channel Program
The Weather Channel recently called upon R & B Communications to provide a production crew to videotape an
episode of the series
Forecast Earth. The story focused on the Amish community in Holmes County, Ohio, the
largest Amish group in the United States, and their use of solar power. The Amish live a simple life style and are
not connected to the electrical grid. But their religion allows for the use solar energy for battery operated
devices. The crew from R & B Communications shot video footage of various solar power installations along with
several interviews and much scenic b-roll over three days.
R & B Communications Shoots XD Cam Format for Home Shopping Network
R & B Communications provided Sony's new XD Cam production format to Home Shopping Network that featured
a tour of Waggoner's Chocolate factory in Canton, Ohio. The crew shot footage of the entire factory highlighting
the process of making gourmet sweets. The XD Cam format records video to disc as opposed to tape in either
high definition or standard definition. The footage can then be randomly accessed in editing and imported by
copying the files as opposed to digitizing video. The factory tour will be shown on HSN throughout the upcoming
holiday season when HSN features the sale of Waggoners chocolate on air.
New York Yankees Fans Reality Show Taped by R & B Communications
Producers from the YES Network's reality show YES' Ultimate Road Trip recently contracted R & B Communications
to shoot and episode in Ohio. R & B Communications provided a crew and equipment to videotape the
competition-based reality show at Lorain County Community College. Contestants had to complete a high-level
ropes course. The winners received tickets to the Yankees verses Indians series at Jacobs Field in Cleveland.
Although the Indians lost the series, they went on to beat the Yankees in the post season playoffs.
R & B Communications Tapes Program for PBS Series
R & B Communications was recently called upon to videotape a variety of locations for the PBS I Believe. The
series features interviews from various religious leaders from around the country and provides insight into each
religion's beliefs. The crew from R & B Communications traveled to three different churches to videotape
two-camera 60 minute style interviews with church leaders. The crew also shot b-roll of the unique architecture
and features of each church. The series
I Believe is aired in selected PBS markets
R & B Communications Covers Cleveland School Shooting for Associated Press
The tragedy took place around 1:50pm on October 10, 2007 when a gunman opened fire in a Cleveland high
school. R & B Communications had a crew on the scene just one hour later covering the story for Associated
Press TV. The crew videotaped b-roll footage at the scene as the story unfolded. Students were still inside as the
SWAT team stormed the building to apprehend the shooter. The R & B production team videotaped scenes of
parents reuniting with their children as police gave the all clear and released the students from the school. The
crew covered a press conference at city hall later that evening. In the end, it was revealed that the gunman, a
student at the school, fatally shot himself.
R & B Communications Acquires New HD Broadcast Camera and Lenses
R & B Communications recently took delivery a Panasonic AJ-HDX900 camcorder and two Canon HD broadcast
lenses. The tape-based camera represents the latest high definition DVC Pro HD camcorder from Panasonic
and records both 1080i and 720P HD formats. The HDX900 is a full 2/3" DVC Pro HD camcorder that records
pristine 100Mbps HD images in any of 11 video formats, encompassing 60Hz and 50Hz production. The
versatile camera provides high-quality 4:2:2 intra-frame recording that holds up through layers of special
effects, graphic overlays and constant editing and processing. With 1080i, 720p, 24p and 25p capabilities, the
AJ-HDX900 is perfect for long-form HD programming and an invaluable tool for digital cinematography, cable
and television production in any format, sports and events, and for use in documentaries and features. In
addition to the camera, R & B Communications took delivery of a Canon broadcast series 11X4.7 wide angle
and a 22X7.6 telephoto zoom lens. The Canon HD broadcast series lenses provide extremely high quality
optics and are perfect companions for the camera.

User Scene Files for the HDX900 Camera

Click on images below to view the Panasonic HDX900 camera with a Chrosziel matte box and a Canon 22X7.6
and 11X4.7 wide angle lens.
Steel Production Documented in HD for Discovery Channel
A crew from R & B Communications recently supplied production support for a new documentary series
Commodities to air on the Discovery Channel in October, 2008. This episode focused on the production of
steel. The crew videotaped in the Cleveland steel mill of Arcelor Mittal Steel Company for two days. R & B
supplied a CamMate camera jib and audio support to the production. The CamMate was used to reach out
25 feet into areas of the mill that were too hot or hazardous for the crew. The shots were spectacular as hot
molten steel was poured from huge overhead vessels. The crew shot with two Panasonic HDX900 DVC Pro
HD camcorders to capture the footage in high definition.
Bomb Blast Helps Train Emergency Responders
R & B Communications recently provided a production team to document a training session for the Transport
Safety Administration from Washington DC. The training exercise included several law enforcement
departments of federal, state and local governments. A bomb was removed from a smoke-filled RTA train in
Tower City Center in Cleveland by members of the local bomb squad. A bomb diffusing robot then took the
device and denoted it safely. Shooting Digital Betacam, the production team from R & B Communications
interviewed members of local law enforcement including police, RTA security, TSA, FBI, and members of the
ATF. The segment will be used in a national emergency training DVD series.
R & B Communications Crew Shoots HD in the Deep Freeze
The new History Channel series Biblical Mysteries Explained had a production crew from R & B
Communications in the deep freeze recently. After interviewing Dr. Lonnie Thompson at Ohio State University
in Columbus, the production team went into a freezer were ice core samples are stored at 30 degrees below
zero. The ice cores are drilled from glaciers all over the world. They are stored in a large walk-in freezer well
below zero until the Ohio State team is ready to study the cores. Once melted, the water in each core
reveals what the climate of the earth was like thousands of years earlier. This information can be helpful in
determining the effects of global warming. The production team videotaped the ice cores in storage and the
process of examining the samples. Even at 30 degrees below zero, the high definition Panasonic HDX900
camera never quit or froze up. The same cannot be said for the frozen producer.
R & B Communications Acquires New Sony 16:9 Wide-Screen 24P Broadcast Camera
R & B Communications recently took delivery a Sony DSR-450ws camcorder. The DSR-450ws represents Sony’
s most advanced broadcast DVCam camera using full 2/3" CCD’s and 30-bit digital-processing technology in a
newly designed, heavy-duty chassis. The camera records in wide-screen (16:9) and standard (4:3) format on
DVCam tape. The DSR-450WSL also offers 24P and 30P progressive modes, selectable gamma with a film-like
gamma setting, and variable shutter for greater creative control.
The camera represents a significant value for productions requiring a high quality wide-screen image, but
that do not have the need or budget for high definition acquisition. In the 24P and 30P modes, using the film
gamma setting, the camera effectively simulates the qualities of film in color saturation and exposure
latitude. The camera is now available in our rental catalog along with our other broadcast HD and SD
cameras and lens packages.
Click on images below to view the Sony DSR-450ws
R & B Communications Crew Videotapes Lamborghini Production for Nat Geo
The National Geographic Series Ultimate Factories had a production crew from R & B Communications record
part of the Lamborghini vehicle production process at the Alcoa Aluminum plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Alcoa
produces forged aluminum wheels for the $300,000 Lamborghini Murcielago sports car. The production crew
captured the entire process starting with the aluminum billet stock to forging and final machining. The wheels
are considered very high tech and extremely light weight. The Italian sports car can reach speeds over 200
mikes per hour. All footage was recorded with a Panasonic HDX900 high definition camera set at 1080i - the
National Geographic standard. The Canon super wide angle HD lens provided for some dramatic shots as the
crew captured footage from all angles of the wheel production process using scissors lifts and fork lifts. Click
on images below to enlarge thumbnails.
R & B Communications Provides Teleprompter for ABC News Nightline Broadcast
During a recent visit to the Cleveland Clinic, President Barack Obama was interviewed by Terry Moran of the
ABC News
Nightline program. Later that evening, he hosted the show live from the Great Lakes Science
Center in Cleveland via a satellite uplink. R & B Communications was called upon to provide a portable
teleprompter with an operator on-location. The live broadcast was flawless.
R & B Communications Provides Crew for Disney Production with the Jonas Brothers
R & B Communications was recently called upon by Disney to provide a camera and audio crew for a special
interview. On their last U.S. concert date before touring Europe, the Jonas brothers stopped at the Quicken
Loans Arena. During the afternoon, they were interviewed for a segment on their Disney Channel show
Jonas. The segment involved a prank pulled on American Idol winner and opening act, Jordan Sparks under
the premise of being interviewed by radio Disney. Things went down hill when a so-called "newly hired DJ"
makes a multitude of mistakes and asks all of them to record ridiculous promos. The interview was taped
using 3 Panasonic HDX900 HD cameras and a sophisticated audio setup that included the ability for fake
phone calls adding to the fun of the prank. Jordan Sparks was surprised and amused as it was revealed
that she got "Jo Bro'd" in the end.
Avon Produces Sales Program with the Help of R & B Communications
Makeup, perfume, gifts and clothing are shipped with more efficiency as Avon recently opened a new
distribution center in Zanesville, Ohio. Wanting to profile the new facility for their associates at a national
sales meeting, R & B Communications was contracted to provide crew and equipment to highlight order
processing procedures and to videotape several on-camera interviews. To increase production efficiency,
two separate video crews shot for two days within the massive high-tech facility using Panasonic HDX900
HD cameras. The footage was later edited into several segments that were shown at the annual sales
meeting held in Las Vegas.
Designing Spaces Series Shoots Before and After Bathroom Make-Over
An old vanity, outdated shower stall and ugly wall paper helped sell the illusion of a bathroom in need of a
make-over. R & B Communications recently provided a complete production equipment package and crew
for the series
Designing Spaces which airs on The Learning Channel (TLC). The segment highlighted a
complete bathroom make-over that featured a newly designed shower drain. Three complete bathroom
sets were constructed to represent the ugly "before", "during" construction and "after" results. The
make-over was shot in two days using a Sony DSR450 DVCam camera shooting in 16:9 wide-screen format.
Kino Flo lighting was used to provided soft, even illumination.
Lebron James Skills Academy Videotaped by R & B Communications for Nike
The best high school basketball athletes from around the world came to Akron, Ohio recently as they attended
the Lebron James Skills Academy. The event was sponsored by Nike. R & B Communications was asked to
videotape three days of activities that included lots of coaching, drills and scrimmage games. College coaches
from all over the United States were there to check out these amazing high school athletes. The video clips will
be shown on Nike's basketball website.