R & B Communications Unwraps Six-Layer Dip for Food Network
Lakeview Farms in Delphos, Ohio was the subject of the story that involved their fabulous six-layer
dip as R & B Communications recently taped a segment for the Food Network program
Unwrapped. R
& B Communications provided a field producer and a production crew for the segment. Interviews
were taped with representatives of Lakeview Farms, a producer of dips, cream products and
deserts.  Our crew also shot footage of the six- layer dip production process as well as the making
of guacamole dip. The segment will be edited into an
Unwrapped episode called The Big Dipper.

R & B Communications Assists CNN Cover the Funeral of Pope John Paul II
R & B Communication provided a camera crew in Erie, PA for a satellite broadcast for an interview
with Paula Zahn, news anchor for CNN, during the coverage of the passing of Pope John Paul II.
Sister Joan Chittister was interviewed prior to her trip to Rome to cover the Pope's funeral as a
commentator for BBC radio.

History Channel's Modern Marvels Episode Videotaped by R & B Communications
The History Channel will profile the inventions of Thomas Edison in another episode of Modern
Marvels. R & B Communications videotaped Mr. Edison's contribution to lighting technology at the
General Electric Lighting Division Headquarters at Nela Park located in East Cleveland, Ohio. From
Thomas Edison's first carbon arc lamp to the most recent advancements in LED applications, GE has
continued to develop new lighting technologies. This episode titled Modern Marvels: Edison Tech
highlights the invention of the Edison electric light and how new technologies are saving energy
while increasing  applications for lighting.

R & B Communications Tapes The National Pizza Challenge for Food Network
A live audience participated in the taping of The National Pizza Challenge, a competition program for
the Food Network recently. A production crew from R & B Communications assisted in videotaping
the program. The event took place at Cleveland's IX Center during The Great Big Food Show and
involved five regional competitors from around the U.S. Our crew also shot footage of the food show,
celebrity chefs from the Food Network signing autographed cookbooks and interviews with a variety
of participants for additional segments on the Food Network.

LA-Based Feature Documentary Shot by R & B Communications
R & B Communications was hired by a Los Angeles production company, to assist in shooting a
feature-length documentary for theatrical release. The film is a behind-the-scenes look at the 2004
Presidential election. A variety of locations around the City of Cleveland were chosen for the
production that profiled the controversial election process in Ohio. Our crew followed City of
Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell to several polling stations and interviewed Cleveland Council
President Frank Jackson, Councilwoman Fannie Lewis and a variety of voters.

R & B Communications Rides the GOTV Bus for Black Entertainment Television
The BET GOTV thirty city bus tour arrived in Cleveland a few weeks before the 2004 election and R &
B Communications helped cover the trip. BET host Cousin Richard, Hip Hop artist Jim Jones, a former
president of the NAACP and a variety of BET personnel visited several locations around Cleveland to
help get out the vote (GOTV). Our crew covered the action and shot interviews with John Marshall
High School students, disc jockey's from radio station WJCU, Cleveland police officers at a parking lot
rally and potential voters at a town hall meeting.

R & B Communications Shoots Godzilla in High Definition
Godzilla came to Cleveland and R & B Communications shot all the action in high definition with
Sony's HDCam format. Hideki Matsui #55, outfielder for the New York Yankees and affectionately
known as 'Godzilla' in Japan, played a three game series against the Cleveland Indians at Jacobs
Field. NHK Japan Broadcasting hired our crew to shoot b-roll of the games and interviews with
Matsui. The footage was broadcast in Japan the next morning following each game. 'Godzilla' hit a
double in the second game to end a 6 game hitting slump. In the third game against the Cleveland
Indians, Matsui hit a home run.

R & B Communications Provides Crew for Satellite Up-Link to Baghdad for MTV
R & B Communications recently provided the entire production crew for a live satellite broadcast from
Kent State University to Baghdad University for MTV. MTV aired the program called Chat the Planet -
Choose or Loose. The program involved a discussion of current issues between college students
from Kent State University and Baghdad University. The subjects included the war in Iraq, political
issues, student and family life, the 2004 election in the U.S.

New Canon Broadcast Lens Acquired by R & B Communications
R & B Communications recently purchased a Canon 21x7.8 broadcast series digital zoom lens. This
high quality lens has a built-in shot box and an amazing reach with it's 21X zoom capabilities
coupled with an internal 2X extender. It works well with our Chrosziel matte box and rear focus and
zoom controls and compliments our Canon 14X8.5 standard broadcast zoom lens and our Canon
10X5.2 wide-angle broadcast zoom lens both with 2X extenders.

R & B Communications Shoots for History Channel's Modern Marvels
The History Channel profiled Cleveland in a segment for the program Modern Marvels: Engineering
Disasters. The story concerned a natural gas explosion that took place in 1944 during World War II.
The fireball reached hundreds of feet into the air and the ensuing explosions leveled four city blocks
near East 55th and Saint Clair Ave. Approximately 130 people died and many homes were burned
and destroyed. Our crew shot footage of the disaster site as it looks today along with interviews
with survivors, historians and witnesses.

Episode of A&E's American Justice Taped by R & B Communications
Producers from the show American Justice, broadcast on the Arts and Entertainment Channel,
recently came to Akron, Ohio to tape an episode of the program titled 'Who Whacked Zack'. The
documentary told the story of Jeff Zack, who was shot dead at a gas station in broad day light,
execution style by what witnesses described as a “person on a motor sport bike dressed in black
wearing a helmet”. There were no finger prints, no weapon and no witnesses that could even come
close to identifying the assailant. Given the amount of people that potentially could have wanted him
dead, there were no suspects in Jeff Zack’s murder for at least a year. Then a tip led police to John
Zaffino, a local blue-collar ex-truck driver. The sport bike used in the crime was linked to him as well
as the one thing he and Jeff Zack had in common, Cindy George. Cindy is a married and powerful
community socialite that became entangled in a ten year long affair with family friend, Jeff Zack.
When the affair became too intense and no longer wanted by the former beauty queen, another
lover, Zaffino quickly entered the picture and a plot for murder developed.  R & B Communications
videotaped all the interviews with witnesses, jury members, prosecutors, police detectives, several
ex-wives and the convicted murderer John Zaffino -  currently serving 23 years to life in the Toledo
State Correctional Facility. Our crew also shot footage of many Akron locations that were linked to
the crime.

R & B Communications Receives Two More Telly Awards
In the 2004 National Telly Award Competition, R & B Communications received two awards:
Producer: Eaton Corporation  Eaton Hydraulics Trade Show Video
Videography: The Cleveland Clinic  Welcome to Camp Connect
R & B Communications has won a total of 10 national Telly Awards for outstanding production quality
and creative execution along with numerous other awards.
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