Ghost Busting Crew Shoots Hi-Def for Paramount Television Show Ghost Whisperer
The CBS series Ghost Whisperer, produced by Paramount
Television and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, recently
called upon R & B Communications to tape paranormal
activity in high definition.  A crew from R & B Communications
shot footage of an actual ghost busting at a home inhabited
by 2 spirits with Mary Ann Winkowski. Mrs. Winkowski is a
professional paranormal investigator on whom the television
show is loosely based. The segment will be included in the
special features section on the DVD release of the first
season of the Paramount Television program.

R & B Communications Tapes Segment for Dr. Phil Show
Two sisters from Elyria, Ohio recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss the topic of financial
responsibility. One sister is currently in severe credit card debt to the tune of $137,000. The other
concerned sister emailed the
Dr. Phil Show seeking advice. R & B Communications was called upon to
tape the back story and record local interviews with the both sisters and the two families. The crew
also taped location footage for use in between commercials.

Eaton Corporation Worldwide Conference Covered by R & B Communications
The aftermath of hurricane Wilma did not stop an entire production team from traveling to Bonita
Springs, Florida recently to cover the Worldwide Leadership Conference for Eaton Corporation. R & B
Communications provided producers, camera crews and editors to tape all the activities of the 5 day
conference. The crew built an on-site edit suite and provided cameras and audio gear, a steadicam
and additional support equipment for the  production. R & B Communications produced and edited a
conference highlights video shown on the last day of the event as well as producing a variety of
separate video modules before and after the conference used for various presentations.

'Anything to Win' Episode Taped by R & B Communications for GSN
How was the Pennsylvania lottery rigged on April 24th 1980? R & B Communications sent a crew to
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to find out. The story will be revealed in an upcoming episode of the Game
Show Network original series
Anything to Win. The crew from R & B Communications taped interviews
with various people involved in the lottery conspiracy along with shooting a variety of scenes in and
around the City of Pittsburgh.

R & B Communications Production Crew Travels Below Lake Erie for the History Channel
1800 feet below ground and 3 miles out under Lake Erie was the location for a production shoot for
an upcoming episode of the series
Modern Marvels broadcast on the History Channel. R & B
Communications was called upon to provide a crew to shoot in a salt mine off Whiskey Island in Lake
Erie near Cleveland, Ohio to record the entire mining process. The crew spent 2 days shooting
everything from blasting vast walls of salt to delivering the product to ships, railroad tanker cars and
semi trucks.

R & B Communications Travels to Mexico for Sterling Jewelers Sales Meeting
Mayakoba Mexico, south of Cancun, was the destination for videotaping some spectacular scenery
at a new Fairmont resort for an upcoming meeting for Sterling Jewelers. R & B Communications shot
footage of the new championship golf course, private villas, ocean views and an interview with
executive chef David Andrews. The crew also traveled to XCaret, a public park and habitat preserve,
and shot footage of wild and exotic animals native to Mexico and Central America. The footage will
be edited into a video highlighting the destination for an upcoming sales incentive trip for Sterling

QVC Broadcasts Live from Akron, Ohio with the help of R & B Communications
With dozens of signed jerseys and autographed helmets scattered about, quarterbacks Steve
Young and Dan Marino broadcast live on QVC immediately following their induction into the Football
Hall of Fame recently. R & B Communications was contracted by QVC to provide much of the crew for
the broadcast including camera operators, utility people and an ENG crew to capture the induction
speeches. Marino and Young offered up a variety of football memorabilia for sale on QVC during the
2 hour live broadcast.

R & B Communications is 'Shown the Money' at the Federal Reserve
Among stacks of millions of dollars, a production crew from R & B Communications videotaped the
processing of currency destined for distribution to banks in four states. For the first time in it's
history, the Federal Reserve Bank recently allowed a camera crew inside the money counting room
and the vault to explore how money is processed. Our crew also taped footage of check processing,
an on-camera presentation from the bank's President as well as the process of shredding of millions
of dollars that is taken out of daily circulation. When edited, the program will be used to welcome
and educate visitors during guided tours of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Episode of Anything to Win for GSN taped by R & B Communications
Race fever was at an all-time high at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio recently. A production crew from R
& B Communications videotaped the competition of the 2005 All-American Soap Box Derby for a new
series titled
Anything to Win to air on the Game Show Network. Our crew taped interviews with
derby officials, competitors from around the United States, as well as footage of all the action. The
Great American Soap Box Derby is a national competition that began in 1933. The event continues to
this day and has become a must-see summer classic.

R & B Communications Videotapes Iron Chef America Promo for the Food Network
And the secret ingredient is... Mushroom! R & B Communications recently videotaped a promotional
segment for the upcoming
Iron Chef America series broadcast on the Food Network.  The segment
How Do You Iron Chef? was taped at various locations around Northeast, Ohio. Check out the
here and click on Parma, Ohio. Allez Cuisine!

SpikeTV Promos Shot by R & B Communications
"Rolling Rock and SpikeTV... Now that's a great summer!" was the phrase echoed by many as Spike TV
in association with Rolling Rock beer recently came to Ohio to shoot promotional segments for the
upcoming television season. R & B Communications provided the crew and equipment to videotape
the spots. It's still unclear whether the crew sampled a few Rolling Rocks of their own.

Production Crew for Chrysler Block Party Provided by R & B Communications
Chrysler came to Cleveland recently and held a block party behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for
the owners of their vehicles. R & B Communications provided the video crew to cover the stage
performances as well as an EFP Betacam crew to videotape the event for Chrysler. The crew looked
out for Dr. Z but he was apparently a no-show.

HDNet Selects R & B Communications as Cleveland News Bureau for HD Acquisition
R & B Communications was recently selected by HDNet to provide high definition ENG footage for
news and events covering all of Northeast Ohio. HDNet was established in 2000 as a network
dedicated to providing strictly high definition productions. HDNet's programming consists of news,
documentaries, concerts, original programs and movies all broadcast in high definition, 16X9 wide
screen format. HDNet is based in Denver, CO and is available through select cable providers and
digital satellite networks.

R & B Communications Crew Turns to Coach Potatoes for La-Z-Boy National Sales Meeting
Relaxing was the word that came from the crew recently on a shoot for La-Z-Boy. R & B
Communications videotaped on-camera interviews and additional footage of the management staff,
warehouse crew and sales team of La-Z-Boy Furniture Showcase Galleries in Niles, Ohio. The
location was selected to be one of the featured stores for the La-Z-Boy National Sales Meeting in
2005. The crew reports to have 'sat down on the job' and tested out a few recliners that La-Z-Boy is
famous for.
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