R & B Communications, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio
440 946-9511
Equipment Inventory
Arri Tungsten Kit – Two 650, Two 300 Fresnel, 4 Stands, Small Chimera
Other Lighting – Available at additional cost:
Additional Arri Kit - One 650, Two 300, Three 150 Fresnel, 4 Stands
2 1X1 Bi-Color LED Panels with barn doors and diffuser
4 Kino Flo Diva Lite 400 w/ Daylight and Tungsten Lamps
2 Kino Flo Diva Lite 200 w/ Daylight and Tungsten Lamps
2 Arri Lite 1000 – Open Face 1K Instruments w/ Barn Doors
1 LTM Pepper Kit – 3 LTM Pepper 100 Instruments
4 ETC Source Four w/ Multiple Patterns
2 K5600 Joker 400 HMI Instrument – 2 Heads w/Chimeras, Lenses, Barndoors

Stands and Arms
6 C Stand w/ Grip Head and Arm
2 Short C Stand - 30"
2 Hollywood Beefy Baby Double Riser Stand
2 Medium Duty Double Riser Baby Stand
2 Combi-Boom Stand
2 Baby Boom w/ Drop Down
2 Double Header
2 Baby Plate - 6”
2 Turtle Base Spud Adapter

Clamps and Grip
4 Mafer Clamp
4 Grip Head
5 Gaffer Grip
2 Scissor Clamp
2 Heavy Duty Flag Clamp
Multiple Sized Pony Clamps
6" Suction Cup with 5/8 Pin
Multiple C-47

Camera Support
100mm High Hat - Mounted on board, includes C clamps
Other Camera Support – Available at additional cost:
Sachtler 20 w/2 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod and Spreader
Cartoni Delta w/2 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod and Spreader
Vinten 6 w/2 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod and Spreader
O’Connor 1030 w Single Stage Tripod
Cinekinetics Cine Saddle
Cinekinetics Portable Camera Jib
CamMate T2000 Traveler Series Camera Jib with 4-Wheel Steering Dolly

Lighting Control
1 24X36 Flag
2 18X24 Single Net
2 18X24 Double Net
4 18X24 Flag
2 18X24 Solid Cucoloris
1 18X24 Wire Cucoloris
3 White/Silver Reflector – Small, Medium, Large
8 AC Stinger
2 Dimmer

Sand and Shot Bags
8 Sandbag
3 Shot Bag
2 Boa Bag

Production Cart
4 Sound Blanket

Expendables – Billed separately, see below
Black Wrap
Color Correction
Black Duvetyn
Gaffer Tape - Black, Grey, White

Other Equipment Available at Additional Cost
SD and HD Camera Packages – Sony and Panasonic Broadcast Cameras, Canon
Broadcast Lenses
ENG Audio Package – Mixer, Wireless Lav Microphones, Shot Gun Microphone,
On-Camera 15” LCD Teleprompter
Doorway Dolly – 4 Wheel Steering
Green Screen
Various Muslin Backdrops

Additional Crew Available
Director of Photography
Lighting Director
Sound Mixer
Production Assistant
Jib Operator
Prompter Operator

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