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Cinekinetics Portable Jib Arm
The Cinekinetics portable jib arm is a front operated type that fits on a standard tripod and is
similar in size to Porta Jib. However, it sets up faster (in about five minutes) and can achieve
balance more easily. It accommodates any size camera from mini DV to Betacam to HD cameras.
The jib provides dynamic shots of otherwise static scenes and unique perspectives when
combined with a wide angle lens. It provides both crane and dolly type moves. The jib is great
tool for shooting b-roll and for scenes that are normally static in nature such as office scenes,
manufacturing machinery and assembly lines, product shots, interiors and exteriors of buildings,
etc. The jib can be used for practically any scene that benefits from camera movement. In
addition, the camera can be under-slung to allow for shots right at ground level. Click on each
thumbnail below to view the photo. Click on your browser's back button to return to this page.
R & B Communications offers a variety of camera support options for productions. Our production
inventory includes a state-of-the-art CamMate camera crane and a Cinekinetics jib arm (bottom of
page). Whether the shot requires a birds eye view of the action below or a sweeping move that
maneuvers the viewer in, above or around the scene, R & B Communications provides superior
equipment and experience to exceed your expectations.

CamMate Travel Series Camera Jib
The CamMate is a professional camera jib that is remotely controlled and operated from the rear
of the unit. It is made up of multiple four foot sections that can be assembled with a minimum
length of 8 feet and has a maximum length of 25 feet.

The CamMate portable camera crane allows for smooth moving images that travel above, around
and below objects or in a scene with flawless precision. The length and height of the crane allows
the camera to reach areas that would be impossible to get by any other means resulting in
unusual angles and unique perspectives. The crane can be used to enhance production values for
a variety of sports competitions, races, concerts, corporate events and meetings, television
commercials, political debates and sales and marketing productions. The CamMate works well as
an additional feed for multi-camera productions or as a single shot in film-style productions.

CamMate Cruiser Dolly
Along with the crane and tripod mount, we offer CamMate’s newly designed Cruiser dolly. The
Cruiser dolly is equipped with four-wheel steering and pneumatic wheels that ride easily on a
variety of surfaces. The dolly can also be outfitted with track wheels to roll on standard 24”
straight or curved track.

Click on each thumbnail below to view photos of the CamMate jib.
CamMate Camera Jib Mounted on Truck
Mounted on the back of a flat bed truck, the jib worked great to get shots more efficiently around
the entire campus of Case Western Reserve University.
CamMate Camera Jib Setup for a Concert
The jib setup at The House of Blues for a concert recorded on video with a multi-camera production
truck. With the addition of a wide angle lens, the jib made for some great shots of both the
audience, and the performers.
CamMate Camera Jib Setup for World Soccer Match
The jib setup at Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio for a sold out World Soccer League match - USA
versus Mexico on a very rainy evening.
CamMate Camera Jib for Lebron James Bike-A-Thon and Nickelodeon/MTV Event
R & B Communications provided MTV Networks the CamMate jib and a Panasonic HDX900 HD
camera to cover the 2009 Lebron James Bike-A-Thon at the Lock 3 Live stage in Akron, Ohio. The
jib shots were edited together with views of four other Panasonic HDX900 HD cameras.
CamMate Jib Setup at Food Show
The jib shown here is set up for the Fabulous Food Show at the IX Center in Cleveland. Overhead
shots of cooking demonstrations were shown on I-Mag screens so the live audience could view
the food inside pots on the stove.
Frequently Asked Questions
CamMate Camera Jib Setup for Steel Drum Concert
The jib setup at EJ Thomas Hall in Akron for a concert with the University of Akron Steel Drum Band.
The performance was recorded for a PBS special highlighting the 30th anniversary of the band.
CamMate Jib Video Demo
Here is an example of some jib shots. Click on video to play